File formats and conversion

Common formats and name extensions

compressed by GNU gzip. Use gzip to uncompress, or gzcat to get an uncompressed copy.
BinHex encoded. BinHex files can be savely transferred as text files over all usual connections.
MacBinary. Macintosh files come in triples: a usual sequential part, called the data fork; an index sequntial part, called the resource fork; and additional administrative information, called the finder information. On a Macintosh, these parts are kept together automatically. They are grouped for file transfer using the MacBinary format. Your ftp demon should be able to encode/decode MacBinary on the fly. If not, use mcvert or fcnvt for additional conversion in UNIX.
Oberon source files. Uses a special format which may differ between variants of Oberon. Oberon source files from are provided as ASCII text, with line breaks encoded as CR (=0D). This seems to readable by all Oberon variants. Use binary file transfer to move .Mod files over the internet.
PostScript source file, usually stored as a text file.
archive collection built by tar. Tar files from SUN workstations may have a different format than from the rest of the world, due to different checksums.
archive collection built by tar and compressed by gzip. Use GNU tar to decode, if available. Else use gzip to extract convert to a tar file, and then use tar.

For server administrators:

Server information may be mirrored, and mirrors may be in a cascade. A common way is to use the mirror Perl script. To avoid unnecessary duplications, please include a friendly guesture for mirroring sites. Include a file named '' which can be used as a mirror script for any mirroring site. The file should contain a valid mirror configuration entry.

Additional notes:

As an example, here is an excerpt of the contents of for StatLab Heidelberg:
### mirror information for StatLab Heidelberg 
# Timezone = MET 
## download = min	hour	day	month	dow	command 
# download = someminute	2-4	*	*	*	mirror -p StatLab
       comment= StatLab Heidelberg full mirror
       exclude_patt = ^\lost+found* | ^\mirrors* | *.Old | *.Bak 
# exclude our local mirror archive
       exclude_patt += ^Old* 
# Timezone = MET 
## download = min	hour	day	month	dow	command 
# download = someminute	2-4	*	*	3	mirror -p StatLabVoyager
       comment= StatLab Heidelberg Voyager
       exclude_patt = ^\lost+found* | ^\mirrors* | *.Old | *.Bak