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Workshop on
Design and Implementation of Data Analysis Systems

Heidelberg, March 23-26, 1995

Contact: G. Sawitzki, Statlab Heidelberg

Preliminary time table.

This is only a draft time table so far. So far, most slots only show placeholder or keywords; titles are preliminary. Times and topics are subject to change. The final time table will be fixed in the opening session on March 23rd, 19:00.

Thursday, March 23rd

13:00 Software presentations and open sessions

19:00 Welcome
20:00 P. Groeneboom (TU Delft)
Computer aided teaching in statistics

Friday, March 24th

9:30: Design and Scope of Data Analysis Systems: Status reports and presentations

A. Wilks (Bell Labs)
Short remarks about S
E. Arbogast (StatSci)
R. Gentleman & R. Ihaka (Auckland)
Introducing R
A. Unwin (Augsburg)
Data Desk
L. Tierney (Minneapolis)

14:30 Implementation issues, grafics and and environments
(including user interface topics)

A. Wilks (Bell Labs)
Introducing Pictor
R. Becker, B. Cleveland (Bell Labs)
Trellis displays
Desktop models, document models
What happened to colour
Graphical specification of models
F. Wietek, Oldenburg
EPI-Workbench - a graphic editor for epidemiological models

20:00 One, two, three, infinity... how far are we in the analysis and visualization of higher dimensional data structures

A. Buja (Bell Labs)
Visualization of high dimensions models

Saturday, March 25th

9:00: Special data set features:attribute data, spatial data, time series; large and huge data sets; data streams

W. F. Eddy (Carnegie Mellon)
Interactive Icon Index
M. Nagel (Bad Elster)
Prototyping, preprocessing and large data sets
D. Keim (München)
Visualisation and data mining (Note: big files, w. colour.)
A. Unwin (Augsburg)
MANET (Missings Are Now Equally Treated)
Spatial data
R. Becker & A. Wilks
? Time based data
? Discretized data
? Data flows ?

Special field in statistics

?Extreme values
?Spatial statistics

14:30 Extensibility, Portability, and Work Flow Integration
(including Object models)

Extending S, porting S, etc...
L. Tierney
Extending software in a LISP environment
Frederic Udina
Interactive data and parameter transformation in lisp-stat.
G. Sawitzki (StatLab Heidelberg)
On a Voyage to Oberon, Part II
J. Marais, ETH Zürich;
Extensible Software Systems in Oberon
R. Gentleman, R. Ihaka
Implementation Issues in Statistical Computing (An abstract is here .)

18:00 Open discussion

Sunday, March 26th

10:00 Special interest groups