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Selected Research Projects at StatLab Heidelberg

Selected current and recent research projects at StatLab Heidelberg. This collection is under construction and not complete. Access to some project areas may be restricted. You will need the explicit file name or a password to access these.
BertinBertin's graphical data analysis 
Colour Colour and statistical visualisation 
Image Analysis A first approach to bayesian image analysis using Gibbs sampler and some parameter estimates on Gibbs fields.  
GenexData Analysis for cDNA microarrays 
Visualisation and analysis for low dimensional data

Modulation estimatorsFollow-up of the Workshop on Modulation estimators 1998. Modulation estimators sample code 
NetWorkA distributed computing system for the Macintosh. 
OberonVarious contributions related to the Oberon programming language. 
OneDimDiagnostic plots for one dimensional data 
Project VoyagerAn extensible portable programming environment for statistical computing and simulation, based on Oberon. 
RThe R project in statistical computing, and the S programming language. 
RandomSimulation and Resampling in Statistics 
tsp Nearest neighbour and 3-swap heuristics for the travelling salesman problem. 
Time As time goes by… What is the structure of human time?
To the 60th birthday of Antony Unwin. (Password required.)
WorkshopFollow-up of the Workshop on Design and Implementation of Data Analysis Systems, Heidelberg, March 23rd - 26th 1995 
VirorProjects related to the virtual university VIROR