Chronic Bronchitis and Dust Concentration Study

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Summary: The dataset is part of an epidemiological study conducted by the German research foundation. The aim of the study has been to examine the relationship between dust concentration at the working place and chronic bronchitis and to assess the threshold limiting value for the dust concentration. The data on 1246 workers were collected between 1960-1977 in a Munich plant.

Data description: The dataset consists of the following variables:

  • CBR: Chronic Bronchitis Reaction 1=yes 0=no
  • Dust: concentration at the working place in mg/m^3$
  • Smoking: 1=yes 0=no
  • Years: duration of exposure in years
  • Aims:

  • Dose response model for CBR with covariates Dust and Years and confounder Smoking
  • Assessment of threshold limiting value under which Dust has no influence on CBR
  • Data file:

    Previous analyses:
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