Risk Factors Associated with Low Infant Birth Weight

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Summary: The data on 189 births were collected at Baystate Medical Center, Springfield, Mass. during 1986. The dataset contains an indicator of low infant birth weight as a response and several risk factors associated with low birth weight. The actual birth weight is also included in the dataset.

Data description: The dataset consists of the following 10 variables:

  • low: indicator of birth weight less than 2.5kg
  • age: mother's age in years
  • lwt: mother's weight in pounds at last menstrual period
  • race: mothers race ("white", "black", "other")
  • smoke: smoking status during pregnancy
  • ht: history of hypertension
  • ui: presence of uterine irritability
  • ftv: number of physician visits during the first trimester
  • ptl: number of previous premature labours
  • bwt: birth weight in grams
  • Data file: birthweight.data

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