Analysis of covariance data sets

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Name Short description For details see... Data
Artificial An artificial data set used in Quade (1992) artificial data story
Fluoride Caries data after fluoride treatment, from Quade (1992) fluoride data story fluoride data
Cholesterol Cholesterol levels in Iowa and Nebraska, with age as covariate. From Snedecor and Cochran, p.386. cholesterol data story
Billionaires Billionaires by geographical regions, with age as covariate billionaires data story
Crash test dummies Data based on trials in which stock automobiles are crashed into a wall with dummies in the driver and front passenger seat crash test data story
Forbes 500 Facts about companies selected from the Forbes 500 list for 1986. Forbes 500 story
Lambs Carcasse weight and fatness of lambs lambs story lambs  data   lambs2 data
Goats Weight gain of goats after drenching goats story goats data
Weevils Sitona weevil larval numbers per m2 with age of alfalfa stand for different farms. weevils story weevils data
Clover Clover seed yield in compatition with yarrow, for three sites. clover story clover data

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